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Welcome to our paleo menu way of life site.  If you’re unsure what its all about, have a quick look at the Wikipedia explanation.

We know you will find plenty of useful information here about the Paleo lifestyle.  We have many articles covering a diverse range of topics including nutrition, pregnancy, athletes, alcohol and medical ethics.  Browse our Articles page to peruse the whole list.

But first, let us ask you a question.  How did you arrive at this page?

Are you becoming more and more disillusioned with advice that is not solving your health issues?  Is your GP prescribing you with more and more drugs?  How many different diets can there be just to feel better? Or lose weight? Or to get relief from arthritis?

If you feel you are just going around in circles, then you have to:

Stop the vicious cycle…

Understand that food matters.  What you eat has a direct and dramatic effect on your body, and therefore on your life’s enjoyment.

On this site, we are advocating a Paleo menu lifestyle.  It just plain works, and you can get cracking straight away through Robb Wolf’s ebooks.  What’s more, our site has many premium articles relating to Paleo results, and we encourage you to take full advantage of the valuable information (and occasional tried-and-tested recipe) offered on this site.

Watch some great short videos about the Paleo Menu Way here (click)

How did we arrive at a Paleo Menu way of life?

effects of additives in foodThrough much reading and even more soul searching.  We cross-referenced so many belief systems.  That was not easy as so many people cling tenaciously to their beliefs.  Other, much respected people, we found had become more and more distrustful of the “Food Giants” and “Big Pharma”.

One book we came across was written by the late Paul Stitt, called Fighting The Food Giants.  Read his excerpt below (our bolding added – important points for you to digest).

You’re being brainwashed to line the pockets of the Food Giants…

“The public knows very little about nutrition. Instead, it pays attention to the advertisements of the Food Giants.  People buy what the food conglomerates make them want.  More than 70% of weekday food advertisements’ time is spent in hawking garbage.  To the Food Giants, sales are more important than nutrition.  Meanwhile, the customers are being brainwashed — lulled into thinking that because we have a Department of Health and Human Services that approves these processed foods, they must be good to eat.  They’re tragically mistaken.  The time has come for people to start reading labels and paying attention to what they put in their bodies.”

So now what?

Fortunately for many of us, we have reached a stage where, through personal experience, illness, or sheer good luck, we have come to the realization that all is not well with the fast, convenient foods that have long formed the foundations of our diets.

You do need to change – for your own sake…

There is a growing awareness of the need to change, to take better responsibility for what we put in our mouths and to ensure a better diet and future for our children.

Does it not seem something of a contradiction, that in an age of affluence, we can be so affluently, nutritionally impoverished!

But we are, and as Paul Stitt states, ‘The swelling ranks of diabetics can consider themselves victims of the Food Giants’.  Perhaps we could add to the ranks – obesity, high blood pressure, cancer, and arthritis – the list – where does it end?

Hold the bus! We’re not actually eating FOOD!

tips of good healthHere’s another fascinating book (so many books – we’re only quoting from what we consider to be the most incisive).  Michael Pollan asserts that we have actually reached a disassociation with food.  In fact, he says, ‘we are eating edible food-like substances’ which, he says, are hardly the product of nature, but of food science.

He also states that, if you are concerned about your health, it’s probably best to avoid any food that lays claim to being healthy, because it’s probably not real food.

You’re being hoodwinked…

Pollan talks about food being ‘professionalized’ by people who stand to gain much from our consuming industrialized food, the Food Giants, the scientists, and the advertisers.  Sadly, this has actually made all of us who are following a westernized diet both sicker and fatter.

But now you have choices…

We are now living in an age where we can change.

We can say NO to the Food Giants.  We can bypass the supermarkets with their temptingly slick advertising.  We can turn the television OFF, with its blazing in-your-face ads.

Remove the temptation.

Instead, access the astonishing array of credible information through the internet at the click of a button.

Unlike forty years ago, when we didn’t know any better, we now DO know better.  We have choices.  And having those choices has led to small but significant changes that have crept into how some of us “do things”.

Farmers’ markets – Organics – Local Agriculture Renaissance!

For the best Paleo results, you only have to visit your local markets on a Saturday morning to see that there is a groundswell of people, of shoppers, intent on change.

Consumers are becoming more and more aware, as Pollan says, of ‘the elephant in the room’, our sickening westernized diet.

These are the people who sense that all is not well.  They understand the need to get back to basics, to remove non-food ‘foods’ from their diets.

These markets are a godsend…

It’s at these markets that you will find a host of organic produce – fruit, vegetables and meats.

You will also find many sellers who may not hold the organic label, but who, at the same time, are sympathetic farmers.

It’s clear that they too are heeding and responding to the message to get back to basics, to eat more vegetables, eat more fruit, and know where food comes from.

Eating Paleo – Vote with your fork!

Enter the Paleo eating regime, a post-industrial response to eating garbage, and changing to eating foods designed to nourish and cure.

Get Paleo results.  The Paleo way of eating fits the model for getting back to basics, for taking personal responsibility for your health and wellbeing.

You see, the reality is that our personal health cannot be divorced from the food chains of which we are a part, and the more we ‘vote with our forks’, the more society will awaken to the notion that there is a better way.

Eat like a caveman…

the paleo solutionThe Paleo menu way is a way of eating that tries to emulate the eating of our forebears, before the dawn of agriculture.  This is the way of eating that best suits our genetic blueprint, which scientists such as Loren Cordain and Robb Wolf assert has changed little over the years.

Meat, fish, eggs, chicken, vegetables, fruits, nuts and seeds form the foundations of this eating regime.

Good fats, necessary fats for our brains, are also included you’ll be pleased to know.  They include organic coconut oil, olive oil, lard, and organic butter – all fats that were deemed unhealthy by the Food Giants from the 1960s onwards.

Get Paleo results.  A Paleo diet is a no-nonsense approach to eating that shuns all processed foods and hands absolute quality control in its delivery to the individual.

It’s a way of living that promotes health, fitness, and a safeguard against many of the modern diseases.  Over time, advocates of this way of eating speak of the amazing turnaround in energy, of being unable to bear the smells of all things processed and of the feeling of wellbeing.

How can you start?

Test-drive this diet now with Robb Wolf’s 30-day challenge.  Dive in to the superb recipes in The Paleo Recipe Book.  Just get going.

Become one of the Paleo success stories.  Pretty soon you’ll be a Paleo Menu expert – and healthy to boot.

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    Dr.Shanahan,I have two questions, I am rdnaieg Deep Nutrition slowly as i have four children and not a lot of free time. I am confused about carbs. Do sprouted flour items count as carbs, does oatmeal count as carbs. Also, caffeine. I know you stated that you drink coffee, is caffeine detrimental to health at all? Thanks.


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